We created Yoxoi for players who play to win. Yoxoi's mission is to provide tennis players with the equipment as a weapon for a fighter: we want to help you win more battles, allowing you to resist fatigue longer and be mentally and physically superior to your opponent in those famous "moments of truth ”, in those“ decisive points ”that make the final victory swing on one side or the other of the field. If you play your games without worrying about winning or losing, you don't need Yoxoi. Magic has nothing to do with us - we believe in technology and science intelligently applied to specific purposes in life. 

In recent decades we have witnessed the incredible advances in technology in telecommunications, biochemistry, medicine and virtually every other aspect of our life, including sports and leisure, and we thought: why not in tennis, squash and padel equipment? Would you rather have a PC from today or from 1991? Would you rather be treated in a hospital with the technology and medicines of 1991 or 2021? Would you choose a 1991 or 2021 racket?  Yoxoi will continue to search throughout the textile universe for new, more suitable fibers, production techniques, fabrics and treatments and will continue to synthesize the most advanced and effective garments from all these factors, to ensure decisive victory for those who aspire to be a winner.

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