“Arguably, the most advanced tennis garment in the market”

This performance shirt is the revolutionary result of one year of Research & Development dedicated exclusively at giving racquet agonists the most effective help to win their matches.

DUEXTRE is a new, patented fabric, made of two (DUE) texture layers composed of a mix of three (TRE) different fibers (Dryarn, Tencel and polyester), capable to expel from your skin the sweat in excess, and convey it from the inner to the external layer, where it either drops easily, or it evaporates fast. In this way, your skin remains moist and hydrated, without feeling the typical sense of suffocation you get when your pores are soaked by excessive sweat obstructing them.

Worn by our Warriors

This large, ultra-light and highly absorbent micro-fiber towel will help you with all your breaks and recoveries. The image of Fujin, the Japanese god of wind, one of the most powerful Shinto deities, is printed on both sides and is a clear declaration of strength and energy. The deity depicted is a link with Japanese warrior values, which Yoxoi has incorporated since its birth.

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