Hybrid Shorts

Hybrid shorts DUEXTRE ™ + PP
ultraperformance shorts, front with polypropylene textile anthracite with white dots and back made of patented DUEXTRE anthracite fabric, knitted construction with patented 3D patterns (Sumi-iro Kanoko).

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Sumi-iro KanokoSumi-iro KanokoSumi-iro Kanoko
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“Arguably, the most advanced performance shorts in the market”

These performance shorts are the revolutionary result of one year of Research & Development dedicated exclusively at giving racquet agonists the most effective help to win their matches.

Frontal part in polypropylene, with deep pockets; extra-breathing areas in the inner groin region.
The back is made entirely in DUEXTRE™ fabric and sports a boxing-style elastic band.

DUEXTRE™ is a new, patented fabric, made of two (DUE) texture layers composed of a mix of three (TRE) different fibers (Dryarn, Tencel and polyester), capable to expel from your skin the sweat in excess, and convey it from the inner to the external layer, where it either drops easily, or it evaporates fast.
In this way, your skin remains moist and hydrated, preventing the typical sense of suffocation you get when your pores are soaked by excessive quantities of sweat obstructing them.

Quick evaporation happens in the external layer of the back of the shorts: excessive sweat is forced to drop fast, while remaining sweat is preciously used to cool down the amplest parts of your body, thanks to special channels that quickly distribute it all across the fabric.

Air micro-cells in the areas that typically heat up slower than the rest of the body help the natural thermoregulation and protect muscles from thermic shocks.

These shorts will perfectly conform (not constrict!) to your body, thanks to the seamless knitting construction technique: they will feel on your body like a second skin, light and comfortable, never opposing any resistance to your movements.


Sumi-iro Kanoko


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