Performance shirt with frontal and back air ducts, 4 bottons – with  Urushi Red logo or Indigo Blue logo


Red and White - Urushi ShiroRed and White - Urushi ShiroRed and White - Urushi ShiroBlue and White - Indigo ShiroBlue and White - Indigo ShiroBlue and White - Indigo Shiro
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Embrace the wind

100% extra-light polyester of 3 different textures, to respond to the breathing needs of each specific areas of the body. Upper part semi-detached from lower part, with exclusive dynamic ventilation gaps, to increase air-flow and hence maximise heat and sweat dissipation.

Dynamic ventilation gaps also in the back. Upper part of the shirt in white, to minimize the heat absorption caused by the sun irradiation.

Exclusive dynamic ventilation gaps: whenever you play, run and hit the ball your Yoxoi will open up naturally and effortlessly, allowing your skin to breathe easily. Thanks to the increased air-flow, sweat evaporation and hence heat dissipation will be accelerated: the more you move, the fresher you feel.



Red and White – Urushi Shiro, Blue and White – Indigo Shiro


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