Our Manifesto

Yoxoi is for passionate competitors who believe in science applied to sport.

We created Yoxoi for the players who play to win.
For all the people who play tennis, at any level, because it’s fun, because it keeps them fit, but also, if not above all, because they like to compete, to fight, and enjoy much more to beat their opponents, than to be beaten by them.
Honestly, if you play your matches not caring about winning or losing, then you don’t need Yoxoi.

To win, you need to be stronger, faster, smarter, and more resistant to mental and physical fatigue than your opponent.
Yoxoi’s mission is to provide tennis players with gear that is like a weapon to a fighter: we want our gear to help you win more battles, by allowing you to resist longer to fatigue, and hence to be mentally and physically fresher than your opponent in those famous “moments of truth”, in those faithful “decisive points” that swing the final victory one side or the other of the net.

Magic has got nothing to do with us: we believe in technology and science intelligently applied to specific purposes in life.
In the last decades we have witnessed the incredible progresses of technology in telecommunications, biochemistry, biogenetics, medicine, environmental care, transportation, and in virtually every other aspect of our lives, including sports and leisure, and we thought: why not in tennis gear?

Did you know that a domestic refrigerator of 1991 would consume almost 5 times more energy than a Class A+++ domestic refrigerator bought today – and would work using gases thousands of times more polluting for the environment than today’s gases?

Would you prefer to have a television, phone, PC of today, or of year 1991?
Would you prefer to be treated in a hospital with 1991 or 2019 technology and medicines?

Would you prefer to ski with 1991 or 2019 skis?
Would you choose for yourself a 1991 or a 2019 racquet?

But if you were to choose between 1991 and 2019 performance apparel for tennis, you would really be surprised by how little “technological” difference there is between a t-shirt worn, for instance, by Andre Agassi in 1991, and one worn by Rafa Nadal in 2019: the “Dri-FIT”™ technology was introduced by Nike in 1991, and it is still widely used and advertised, under this name and by similar ones, adopted by all tennis apparel brands, as “the ultimate technology” in current tennis gear!

We could not believe that in the last decades technology has made great strides in all aspects of our lives, apart from tennis apparel : indeed, the textile and clothing industry has been making great strides since 1991, but, surprisingly, tennis clothes have been kept in a sort of temporal suspension, all “progress” being translated into churning out new collections every three months, all looking new, but, in substance, technology-wise, always the same as the one before.

Yoxoi is and will always be different: Yoxoi is new, new “inside”.

Yoxoi will keep searching all the Textiles Universe, looking for the most apt new fibers, new manufacturing techniques, new fabrics, new treatments, and will keep on synthesizing from all of these factors the most advanced and effective new garments, to give that decisive winning edge to the players who play to win.

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